Joel Bernstein Memorial Symposium:

Sponsored by Crystal Pharmatech
16 June 2019

New York University

•    Symposium Video I : Introduction: Bob Wenslow; Opening Remarks: Andrew Hamilton; Bruce Foxman Lecture

•    Symposium Video 2: Susan Reutzel-Edens Lecture

•    Symposium Video 3: Craig Eckhardt Lecture

•    Symposium Video 4: Panče Naumov Lecture:

•    Symposium Video 5: Conclusion: A Poem In Memory Of My Father, by Noam Bernstein

•    Slides from Lectures by Foxman, Reutzel-Edens, Eckhardt, Naumov

•    Conference Flyer

•    ICCOSS XXIV History Slides (with many references to Joel) from talk presented by Bruce Foxman at the opening of the ICCOSS conference following the end of the Crystal Pharmatech Symposium

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We thank John Bolesta, Greg Stephenson and Bob Wenslow and the other great folks at Crystal Pharmatech for organizing a spectacular tribute to Joel Bernstein, and for making the conference materials available on this and other future archives.

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