Joel Bernstein (1941-2019):

Mentor, Educator, Friend and Genius:

A Great Scientist For All Seasons and Reasons

Joel Bernstein’s Scientific and Professional Accomplishments Were Transformational:

•    The Crystallographic Understanding of Solid-State Reactivity and Phase Transformations (1972)

•    Conformations of Molecules in the Crystalline State (1972)

•    Conformational Polymorphism : Crystal Structure, Electronic and Energetic Factors (1978)

•    POLYMORPHISM! (no later than 1972, e.g., The Crystal and Molecular Structure of the Metastable Form of p-Chlorobenzylidene-p-chloroaniline, A Planar Anil  J. Bernstein and G.M.J. Schmidt, Journal of the Chemical Society (London) (Perkin Transactions II), 951-955 (1972)).

•    Organic Conductors (1984).

•    Graph Set Analysis of Hydrogen Bonding (1990) (with Peggy Etter & John MacDonald) ; Addition of the code to RPLUTO, and later Mercury.

•    “Hopping” Crystals (1994).

•    Disappearing Polymorphs (1995). (with Jack Dunitz)

•    Concomitant Polymorphs (1999).  (with Roger Davey)

•    The Legal, Ethical, Medical and Regulatory Consequences of Polymorphism (early 1990’s).

•    Polymorphism in Molecular Crystals (2002, Oxford University Press).  The Grand Book (!) and the 2nd edition (2020)

•    Polymorphism in Molecular Crystals (2nd edition 2020, Oxford University Press Website: Information and Ordering).

•    Review of Polymorphism in Molecular Crystals (2nd edition, Oxford University Press)

•   Joel Bernstein CV and Publication List (including 2019 and later publications)

•   Joel Bernstein Memorial Symposium, sponsored by Crystal Pharmatech, 16 June 2019 (Program, Speaker Slides and Live Videos of Sessions

   Joel Bernstein Lecture on Pharmaceuticals and Powders, Erice School, 2011 (YouTube)

•   Joel Bernstein Lecture on Shroud of Turin, NYU Abu Dhabi, 2014 (YouTube)

   Joel Bernstein Lecture, "How crystallography in synergy with spectroscopy and computation catalyzed a career in chemical crystallography", Toronto meeting of the American Crystallographic Association, 2018 (recorded by Victor G. Young, Jr.)

•   Program for the First Midwest Organic Solid State Chemistry Symposium, In Honor of David Y. Curtin's Retirement From Teaching (1988).  Joel was a featured speaker.

•   Photos from the Second Midwest Organic Solid State Chemistry Symposium, (with thanks to Mark Hollingsworth).

•   A Joel Bernstein Legacy: Crystallography in the United Arab Emirates (2021)

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